Gregory Reade Sculpture

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the multitude of communication forms available to us. Beyond speech, I’ve been drawn to theater, film and art as methods of communication.  Most communication forms lack the interaction and up close interplay that is vital for our lives.

Sculpture cannot encompass the entire personal communication experience, but it can utilize some of the major elements to bridge the gap between artist and viewer. These elements, such as body language, action, and emotion are all used by the human body to express incredible ideas and feelings in sculpture. Silently.

My sculpture has a before, a now, and a potential future. I attempt to provide clues to that past and the proposed future, captured in the now. This way the viewer can connect and see their version of the event. The captured moment is not just a record, but a proposed link between ideas and between people.

Starting a piece involves a vision of the mood and message I want to express. I settle on a basic idea and sketch the idea repeatedly, on paper, in words, and in clay. What is the focus of the piece, the primary character, the mood that I need to express? How many figures and what parts of the body best express it?

I try to put more of myself into a piece and thereby give the audience a glimpse of my perspective. My ideas are mine, not correct, not final, and probably not even asking the right questions. But it is my vision the way my mind works and sees the world around me- communicated to you, silently.